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Hey there, business owner!

I know what you’re going through. As a solo-entrepreneur or small team, you’re wearing the hats of many. The hat of CEO, customer service, product designer, accountant, and marketer — and that’s just what first came to mind.

I know you’re busy trying to get your business up and running and keep it up and running and I know you understand social media and e-mail marketing is necessary but not necessarily the first thing you’re thinking of.

That’s where I come in. I’ve been there.

I’ve been part of small businesses where the hats were tossed around. I created my own business from the ground up.
But I then put my energy toward social media marketing at my prior day job — so much so that I created a business solely based on social media marketing for small businesses. And wow do I have the resources for you!

So, where should you start?

1. You can start with the blog — it’s full of valuable and actionable information to help you get started. I’ve got a few freebies for you too.

2. Or you can start with my FREE e-mail course, Become An Insta-Pro in 3 Days where you can receive 3 lessons delivered right to your e-mail and learn how to establish your Instagram account, grow your number of followers and boost engagement (the ultimate importance of continuing to grow your Instagram account).

3. And finally, you can take a look at my portfolio and contact me for a custom quote for your project. Check out what my past clients have said here.

Now go on and pick one! We’ve all got to start somewhere.