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15 Instagram Tips: A Collaboration

On the Instagram struggle bus? Click through to these 15 tips from some amazing Instagram pros. Your Instagram for your boutique and online shop will flourish with these fifteen Instagram tips.

Today we’re celebrating National Social Media Day. I wanted to do something special for this day because hello social media strategist over here! πŸ˜› At first, I thought of just sharing tips on Instagram because it’s my favorite platform, but I thought about getting others involved and how much more fun that would be. So I put out some calls and got some helpful tips from some amazing people. I’m laying out all the tips on this blog post, but we would love it if you would head over to Instagram and give everybody’s tips some Insta-love.


1. You can’t always be everywhere, but you should be where your audience is.


“Choose the right social media networks. You do not need to be on every social media network. Instead, you want to select the networks that are most enjoyable for you and best serve your target market. Once you select your social networks, share only what you love. Because you represent your brand on social media, it is extremely important to love the content you share. If you love it, chances are good your audience will love it too. They choose to follow you, so be sure share content related to your niche that you enjoy.” β€” Katie Williamsen


2. Hashtags are super important!


“Make trending hashtags work for you, as long as they’re relevant.” β€” Coti Howell


3. Have a signature post.


“Come up with at least one signature daily post. Maybe it’s #hotmessmondays (like @rosemarywatson) or maybe it’s something super unique to your brand. Either way, having a signature day will keep people coming back to your profile on that day to see what this week’s post is and it’ll help your engagement!” β€” Le Consulting


4. Captions are key.


“Write longer captions (ideally to tell a relevant story, share a valuable lesson, or provide more detail on the topic of your Instagram post) to connect more deeply with your followers and build better relationships with them. People will engage with you and remember you better if they feel like they actually *know* you and can relate to you and your stories.” β€” Sagan Morrow


5. Engage with your audience.


“Engage. Engage with your followers and non-followers. Build a relationship as if you’re about to get to know a friend.” β€” Love


6. Shoutout your favorite products.


“Share your favorite small business product you’ve recently purchased or used. Share what drew you in the first place. Maybe it was the sellers personality, awesome pics or all the amazing uses that product offers. Tag them in the photo and description. Those shout-outs create a great networking opportunity and we can make another maker’s day!” β€” Keeley Behling


7. Be true to yourself.


“ALWAYS be you, regardless of media.” β€” A:holic by CSD


8. Find a balance between business and personal.


“Achieve balance in marketing your biz and posting more personal lifestyle images by using an alternating-images theme: go back and forth with the same ratio of a biz/product image and a lifestyle image. When you are CONSISTENT with your ratio (whether it’s 1:1, 2:1 etc), it will produce a lovely aesthetic to your feed and encourage more people to follow you… especially if you stick to an on-brand color scheme!”β€” Sagan Morrow


9. Be YOU.


“Be authentic and transparent, the most appealing thing about you is WHO you really are.” β€” Jennifer Scott


10. Respond to comments (and use your desktop computer!).


“Answer every person back on social media — it’s you bread-and-butter form of customer service for those of us with online businesses! My best tip is to get off your phone app and jump on your desktop or laptop to answer Instagram comments on your photos. You’ll type faster, which is a good way to maintain your brand voice and tone – less likely to get lazy! So, next time you have a slew of comments to respond to, put down your phone, pop open your laptop, and head to to knock out your responses in no time.” β€” Ashlyn Carter


11. Post quality photos.


“Always post clean and clear photos. Your flatlays and the props you use, make in intentional and cohesive. It’s better to take photos with even gray lighting, than bright and obvious source. Because once you edit, it will evenly apply the changes with minimal contrast/shadow. Again, unless it’s intention.” β€” Love


12. Your dog will always win your audience over.


“Incorporate your pets! It’s no secret that the Internet loves cute cats and pretty pups, so don’t hide them from your followers! Photos of my dogs always increase engagement and introduce me to new followers.” β€” Tori Mistick


13. Post consistently.


“Being consistent, scheduling posts like a pro” is key to having a successful Instagram. β€” Caroline of Caroline Creates and Creating Bizness


14. Your Instagram bio matter.


“Capture your audience quickly by nailing your bio. Keep it matter of fact yet witty, add as much detail as you can about who you are – within the 150 character limit! – and if you are a user, add in your Snapchat details. Scroll through winning Instagram accounts and look at their bios to brainstorm ideas for your own!” β€” Emily Crawford


15. Have fun!


β€œDon’t take your Instagram so seriously. Yes, it is an important tool for business, but have fun with it by collaborating and connecting with others (like with a mini series such as this one).” β€” Melissa Hebbe



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