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8 Quick Tricks to Boost Product Sales on Pinterest

Not sure if Pinterest is the right social media platform for your boutique, shop or product based business to be on? Well, my friend, Zoe from is telling you that it is and sharing her 8 quick tips to boosting sales through Pinterest.

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When times are tough for your biz, you might find yourself scrambling for any hope of product sales. Tweeting, Facebooking and ‘gramming until your heart’s content trying to boost sales – but you could be missing out on a goldmine of potential customers on Pinterest. With 2 million products being pinned every day and 93% of Pinners using the platform to plan their purchases, the stats speak for themselves! “But how can I use Pinterest to boost my product sales?” I hear you ask! Well, I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve.


Sign up for a Business account


First things first, make sure your Pinterest profile is set-up as a Business account. This may seem obvious but many biz pinners skip this important step.


There are many benefits of signing up as a business account and getting access to detailed analytics is one of them! You can find out so much about your audience (their demographics, their interests) as well as who is pinning your products. Not only do you get amazing analytics, you can also start promoting your product pins with a Business account.


Learn how to get started as a Business account over on Pinterest here.


Keep pin descriptions concise + keyword rich


When pinning your products, keep your pin descriptions concise. Ideally, they should be between 100 – 200 characters – pins of this length are much more likely to be shared [source].


Not only should they be short, they should be keyword rich! Adding relevant keywords into your pin description will mean that your products are much more likely to show up in Pinterest’s search function.


This doesn’t mean overflowing your pin description with keywords – you don’t want to lose all the personality of your brand. You want to integrate those keywords into your description so you are cleverly selling you product and increasing your chances of getting seen on Pinterest.


Use Pinterest’s search function to find keywords


Like I said, keywords are super important if you want to reach more potential customers on Pinterest. Not only are they essential for your pin descriptions, but they are a great addition to your board descriptions too.


The easiest and most effective way for you to find the best keywords in your niche is to use Pinterest’s search function.


Use Pinterest’s search bar and search for the most obvious term for your pin. So, if you sell handmade handbags, and you wanted to pin one of your products, you may search ‘handmade handbags’.


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 15.30.23


Once you’ve hit search, take a look at the list of words that appear underneath the search bar and VOILA! You’ve found a wealth of keywords that users are searching for on Pinterest! For ‘handmade handbags’, you’d find keywords and phrases like ‘patterns’, ‘DIY’, ‘shabby chic’ and ‘homemade’.


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 15.30.32


Use these words in your pin and board descriptions – this will make it much more likely for your posts to show up when someone searches for your chosen keywords!


Avoid faces in your product pins


As silly as it sounds, images without faces receive 23% more repins than images with faces [source]. You would think that people like to see other people on Pinterest, but apparently not!


This may seem completely unavoidable if you’re in the fashion, jewellery or makeup industry. However, some clever cropping and photography set-ups can help you get around this problem.


Use multiple product photos in one pin


Pinterest recently revealed that pins with multiple products perform much better than pins with a single product. They actually tested this themselves and found that their multi-product pin performed 7x better than their single image pin [source].


Make your pins more shareable by creating vertical pins with various product photos. These could be pins with images of three different products, or three images of the same product. If  your product lies in the digital realm, try creating various mock-up images to use on your pins.


Showcase your prices


Don’t be afraid to show-off your prices! Did you know that pins with prices on them get 36% more likes? [source] Whether it’s on the image, pin description or title of the pin, put your prices on show!


If you’re a little unsure about your prices and don’t want to advertise them so boldly, create one pin with a price and one without. Monitor how each of them perform and check back after a few weeks of them being live. You might find that your products and prices were desirable for some Pinterest users!


Add a ‘Save’ button to your site


Do you want visitors of your website to be sharing your products? Hells yeah you do. More saves mean more impressions, which means more followers and more sales!


Make it easy for them to share your content on Pinterest by adding a ‘Save’ button to your site. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!


Learn how to add a ‘Save’ button to your site here.


Pin to relevant group boards


And last, but definitely not least – pin to group boards! Group boards have been a key player in increasing traffic to my website. Sharing content to group boards means you are reaching a whole new audience of pinners.


You can find group boards on Pinterest by searching manually within your area of business on Pinterest – just make sure you select ‘Boards’ in the search box. You can also use to search for group boards, but this can be a little hit and miss.
Make sure you follow the rules of the board and don’t overcrowd a group board with your content.




Zoe Linda is a social media strategist and influencer marketing expert. Zoe helps passionate small business owners stand out online and help them along their exciting biz journey! She also blogs about blogging, social media, and business over at

If you need help with your Pinterest strategy, take a look at Zoe’s Pinterest Makeover package on her site.

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