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How To Get Your Social Media On Brand For The Holiday Season

Click to read how to get your boutique or shop's social media on brand for the holiday season.


Do you hear Christmas music playing in your grocery store yet? Maybe. If not, you will be soon! That’s right, it’s that time of the year where you need to be getting ready for the holiday season. Make your Christmas shopping list, pull out those decorations from the attic and get your boutique or shop’s social media accounts on brand for the holiday season too.

Earlier I talked about how often you should be posting on social media and if the holiday season should affect that.

Now, we’re going to cover a little bit of branding for your social media accounts for your boutique or shop. While there isn’t anything wrong with keeping the same old profile picture and header that you have all year round, getting into the festivities during the holiday season can make you more appealing to your customer.

Remember we want to build trust with our customers, both current and potential, and use social media to do that. To continue our trust building, why not add a little holiday cheer to your social media accounts. We’ll talk about the four ways to ger your social media on brand for the holiday season. Watch the video or continue reading to find out more.


1. Update your profile picture

Be honest when was the last time you updated your social media profile pictures anyway? Are you still using your logo?

If you’ve decided to continue using your logo as your profile picture, that’s alright. But your customers on social media really want to know that they are interacting with a human being, not another robot. So start out by updating your profile picture that adds a human element and also showcases off your products.

Take it a step further by introducing holiday elements. If you are a shop that focuses on one specific holiday, then by all means use props that reference that holiday. For example, if your shop is mainly for people who celebrate Christmas, try adding red, green, Christmas trees, ornaments or any other Christmas props you can think of into your new profile picture. If your shop geared towards those who celebrate Hanukkah, then focus on blue, silver, gelt, menorahs or any other Hanukkah props that would be relevant to include in your profile picture.

If your shop doesn’t focus on one particular holiday or you prefer to not focus one specific holiday, then keep it neutral by adding winter elements like pine cones, snowmen and snowflakes for example.

Mix and match holiday or winter related props and include them into your profile picture to make yourself more appealing to your customer base.


2. Update your profile header

Even though your profile header isn’t a feature on all social media platforms, mainly just Facebook and Twitter, it’s still important to have.

If you want to know why you should still have a business Facebook page for your boutique or shop, then read this here.

The header on your social media account is one of the most prominent images, meaning it’s what your customers will see first. So don’t neglect this!

Use this header to your advantage again by using holiday or winter related props to make your shop look relatable and approachable. Also, use this space to advertise special promotions and other social media accounts where you may be more active on.

For your Facebook header, it’s helpful to reference the call to action button in some way, whether that be by actually referencing the button by words or by arranging the subject of the header image directly above the call to action button so the viewer’s eye is naturally drawn in that direction.


3. Update your call to action button

Speaking of that call to action button, is yours working and is it relevant?

The most common problem I see with social media accounts is that their call to action button is either broken or irrelevant. For example, if your header is referencing your huge holiday sale page, but your call to action button directs people to your basic shop page, it will not only confuse the viewer but may also deter them from pursuing your sale any further.

Use any call to action buttons to direct the customer right where you want them to go. Don’t make them have to search around for it.


4. Update your social media bio

Just like our profile pictures, we don’t always update our social media bio as often as we should. But it’s extremely important to keep up to date with any current promotions.

Whether it’s a new arrival or a flash sale, including this in your social media bio is crucial because yes, your audience does look at it! The social media bios people tend to look at the most are Instagram, which is a great visual platform for product-based businesses to be on. If you are going to be updating any call to action buttons, then you should also be updating your social media bio and referencing that button.

If you want to update your social media bio, check out this post where I share the 3 most important tips to keep in mind when updating your bio.