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How to Create Facebook Ads That Work

Want to amp up your Facebook ad game, but not sure how? Read up on this guest post by Kathryn from Blue Ivory Creative. Learn how to create Facebook ads that actually work.

Guest Post by Kathryn of


The world of Facebook advertising can be a complicated one.  It’s an excellent tool to draw more attention to your brand, direct your target audience to your website, and convert leads!  However, there are also a lot of things to consider before you create a successful advertising campaign.

Don’t spend money and time on an ad that won’t bring you results!  Here are some proven tips and tricks to create a successful Facebook ad:


1. Understand your target audience.

This is absolutely the first step that you need to take, and it can help you in so many different areas of your business.

Think about the demographics of the people that you want to reach.  What industries do they work in?  What is their income?  Do they fall into a certain age group or are they a certain gender?  Consider creating buyer personas as well; these help you put a “face” on your audience and determine the types of ads that will connect with them.  Hubspot has an excellent tool to help you create buyer personas.


2. Create a compelling Call to Action.

Decide what you want your audience to do and ask them to do it!  Perhaps you want them to purchase your product.  Or you might want them to sign up for your email list.  Make sure that they know exactly what to do.

A compelling call to action contains several elements:

  • An offer they can’t refuse.  What will your audience get for clicking on your ad?  A free quote?  A coupon?  A free download?  Offering something for free is a great way to get people to click.
  • A sense of urgency.  Make them want to click now.  For example, you could have your coupon expire tomorrow, so they’ll feel like they’ll miss out if they don’t click on your ad.
  • Action words.  Remember this from elementary school?  An action word tells your audience to do something.  Examples include “Buy Now!” “Get Your Free eBook!” “Join Today!”.

All of these elements come together to encourage your audience to click on your ad and perform the action that you want them to take.


3. Be visual.

When someone’s scrolling through their Facebook newsfeed, they are most likely not making a point to stop and look at the ads.  Your image needs to grab their attention and stand out!

Choose a high-quality image that isn’t blurry or out of focus.  If you don’t have your own brand photos, there are a lot of great free stock image websites.  Check out this list for some of the best.

Also consider contrast.  A light, primarily white image will blend in with the page.  You don’t want to be obnoxious, but choose graphics that are colorful and that will stand out.


4. Connect with your audience.

Remember that audience you defined earlier?  Well, they have needs and desires.  They’re looking for something.  And you need to convince them that they’re looking for you!

Ask questions that relate to their pain points.  Use the language that they might use.  For example, if you’re selling a skincare product, ask a question such as: Are you tired of blotchy, dry skin?

Also remember that people don’t purchase a product or service solely for its features.  They make a purchase because of the benefits to them.  You have a very short amount of time and number of words to convince them to click on your ad – focus on the benefits, not the features.  What can you do for them?


5. Follow through and be consistent.

What happens when someone clicks on your ad?  They should be directed to a page that’s all about that product or service.  This could be a landing page for your service with more details about what you have to offer.

Make sure the language that you used in the ad is mimicked on the landing page.  Don’t just put a form!  Yes, a form is a great thing to have, but include more information, perhaps testimonials.  This is also a great place to list the features of your product or service.


6. Test different options.

Try creating two or three versions of your ad, with different language and images.  You can run a couple of small campaigns just to see the initial responses.  This allows you to spend the rest of your budget on the ad that’s going to be the most successful.  


7. Monitor your ads.

Don’t just put your ad out there and forget about it!  Actively track your ad and see how many clicks, leads, and purchases you’re getting.  If the return on investment doesn’t make sense, then don’t just keep running the ad.  You probably need to revisit one of the items listed above.

Or, perhaps you’re not targeting the right audience.  Consider widening your age range or location.  But try to stick close to the target audience that you defined in Step 1 – if people aren’t ultimately interested in purchasing your product or service because they’re in the wrong demographic, it doesn’t matter if you get thousands of clicks!  You’ll just be wasting money.


A successful ad takes time!

This is the main thing that I want you to understand.  A successful Facebook advertisement takes time and research.  It involves defining your target audience, collecting high quality images, and figuring out what language to use.  Don’t just throw something up there and get upset when it doesn’t work!

But if you spend the time to figure out an ad that really connects with and compels your audience, then you’ll find success!

Happy advertising!



Kathryn-Marr-blueivorycreativeABOUT THE AUTHOR
Kathryn Marr is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Blue Ivory Creative, a digital marketing company based out of Nashville, TN.  A graphic and web designer, as well as social media manager, she brings a passion for entrepreneurship and creativity to the table.  Kathryn loves helping people pursue their dreams and be successful doing what they love to do.

Keep up with Katheryn + Blue Ivory Creative! Website | Facebook | Twitter


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    May 24, 2016 at 12:43 am

    Loved this post, Kathryn! Two of my fave ladies working together to produce awesome content, what could be better 🙂 I haven’t looked into Facebook ads quite yet, but when the time comes I’ll be heading right back here to put these tips into action!

    x Krista

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    May 24, 2016 at 2:05 pm

    Thanks for these reminders! Very helpful!

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    Nikki Flores
    May 24, 2016 at 3:43 pm

    Definitely pinned this for a later reference. Great tips, thank you so much!

  • Reply
    May 24, 2016 at 7:38 pm

    Thanks! And your related posts plugin is perfect. I want to read all of those posts too! Now I’m going to get lost in a rabbit hole of your site… haha

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