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Why Creating A Facebook Business Page Is Really Worth Your Time And Energy

Creating a Facebook page for your shop or boutique is really worth it! Click through to read why at

Creating a Facebook Business Page is crucial for your shop, boutique or product based business. Not convinced? Keep reading and you’ll see how using your Facebook business can help spread brand awareness for your business.

If you caught last week’s blog post, I talked about how using social media can help your business. Later that day, I hopped on Periscope and went into further detail about how social media can the be used for your business’s social media.

Laura of WestEllamee caught the scope and hung out on Twitter afterwards to ask me a few questions regarding Facebook. Ultimately she prompted me to write this post! I could talk about Facebook forever with you guys (maybe not forever, but a really long time), but I wanted to bring up a few main key points when it comes to your Facebook business page.

Facebook Business Page vs. Your Personal Account

There are a few reasons why I recommend people creating a Facebook business page. One is to separate yourself between your own identity and your brand. It’s the same as to why some people have two Instagram accounts to distinguish between a personal account and a business one. That’s not to say that your Facebook business page should be all work and no play. Your personality should definitely shine through!

Participate in Facebook groups? If you don’t, you definitely should (and you should also join my Facebook group exclusively for product based businesses here). They’re really fun to participate in and a great way to build your community (and no I don’t just mean followers, I also mean biz besties). If you’re actively participating in Facebook groups, people are probably checking out your profile which should link to your business page and your content, other social media links, relevant content to your target market – it’s all right there you guys!

The ultimate reason to make a separate business page on Facebook is because Facebook likes to keep the separation between business pages and personal accounts. So, they can shut down your account. And after putting all your energy into your Facebook page, the last thing you would want to happen is for it to be shut down. That reason alone is good enough for me!

But what’s so special about a business page? I’m glad you asked.

You see that little blue button around your Facebook header? That’s a call to action button and you need to be taking advantage of that like right away. Got an email list going, use the sign up button to grow that list. Using a specific program to book styling appointments, use that call to action. Make the button do the work for you!

Check out your insights to see how your call to action is doing. If you aren’t seeing the results you’d like, try a different call to action button. Ultimately, give your customers, both new and existing, a reason to keep clicking on that button.

Get in front of the camera!

Video content is the biggest social media marketing trend you could be doing right now. If YouTube isn’t in the cards, Facebook Live is a great place to start!

Going live on Facebook takes the pressure off of having a picture perfect video that you’d publish on YouTube — you still should provide your audience with quality content and consider going live in a distraction-free, well lighted area.

By going live on Facebook, you can connect with your audience in a more personable way AND give great customer service! Sell clothing? Go live on Facebook and show your customers what they can pair with your most popular new arrivals! Sell stamps? Go live on Facebook and show your customers how to properly clean the stamps after using them.

Now that you’ve read why it’s important to create a Facebook Business Page, go ahead and create one for your product based business!



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