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Meet the Boutique: Unique Gifts for Friends

Meet the boutique is an interview series where owners of boutiques, shops and product based small businesses share their insights to their business. Click through to read the interview with Miriam Deckert from Unique Gifts for Friends, an online gift boutique.


Image Credit: Unique Gifts for Friends


I’m so excited to have Miriam Deckert of Unique Gifts for Friends as part of our Meet the Boutique series.

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1. What’s the name of your store/shop? Do you have a store location or sell solely online?

Currently we are online only and the address is simple


2. How did your store/shop start out? What prompted you to start one?

I started the online gift shop after I was looking for a gift for a sick friend and could not find anything to take her at the hospital. I wanted something that was thoughtful or meaningful and had no luck. So on the 4-hour drive home from Ft. Lauderdale I got the idea to start my own!


3. When we start new projects, we always have dreams and ideas of what we think our new venture will be like? Is it exactly how you thought running a boutique would be? Harder than you thought or easier?

I worked in retail before I had my kids, so helping customers and choosing gifts for their friends and family is exactly what I have always been able to do and love it! The harder part is attracting customers to the website on the online world because of all he competition.


4. If you were to start a completely new shop today, what would you do differently when first starting out?

I probably would of started blogging earlier and talking about finding the most unique gifts for friends and family.


5. As with any business, you want to keep yours fresh and up-to-date. What are some of the ways you try to stand out from the crowd and keep your boutique updated with changing trends and interest?

I am always reading industry publications, researching online and of course shopping at the mall and local gift shops to see what is new.


6. Describe for us a typical working day for you and your shop?

First thing, I do is check my email to see my customer order emails. It’s so exciting to see that order email in my inbox! I love to see the notes that customers would like included that indicate how special the person is and why the gift is so meaningful. Next, I process or package the orders to send out. I then take a look at my social media accounts to respond to any comments and check on advertising and website analytics. Then I move on to marketing/promoting the website either through emails, scheduling social media posts, etc. Since I am the owner some days I have to weave in operations tasks like paying bills, adding items to the website, etc.


7. As some of you know, I am a social media specialist for e-commerce and brick and mortar retailers, so I always like to know — what your favorite platform to use for your boutique? Why?

I am really loving Instagram right now! I have always loved it on a personal level because I love photography and images. But I have just starting using it within the last month to promote the website and the gifts. It is fun making new friends on the platform and seeing what pictures people enjoy and I also love checking on the feed to see new images.


8. Last question! Any big time news, recent celebrations or exciting new ventures going on with your shop you’d like to share with us?

Through July I am running a giveaway, people can enter to win a $150 gift card to shop on the online gift shop! (Enter the giveaway here!)

Plus in September, Children’s Cancer Awareness Month, I am donating proceeds of every Bravehoods hoodies sold, back to this non-profit organization so they can distribute more hoodies to children with cancer.


Meet the Boutique - Unique Gifts for Friends - Bravehoods hoodies Meet the Boutique - Unique Gifts for Friends - Bravehoods hoodies









Image Credit: Unique Gifts for Friends



Unique Gifts for Friends boutique owner, Miriam Deckert.Miriam Deckert is the owner of Unique Gifts for Friends. You can check out her website here. Follow Miriam and her business over on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

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