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How to Organize Your Shop or Boutique

Ready to get your shop or boutique organized? Click to read my three tips on how I keep track of inventory.

Jewelry displays. Signs. Table cloths. Inventory. Just a few of the many items to keep track of while running your shop or boutique. It can be hard to keep track of it all, but once you do — sweet salvation!

When I took over my cousin’s boutique at the end of last year, I found myself overwhelmed with clothing, accessories, wholesale accounts, social media posts and website updates. It can be hard to stay on top of it all, but after a few trial and errors, I found tips and tricks that work.

1. Determine A Storage Space That Works For You And Your Products

Determine how much inventory you have along with any materials that you use to make or ship your products. Once you have a general idea of that inventory, look at the space around you and see what you can already utilize. Figure out the best place to store your products — is at your house or apartment, a studio or co-working space or maybe you need to rent a nearby storage area. Make sure that wherever you end up storing your products, you can easily reach it when comes to fulfill orders.

Once you figure out where you can store your products, determine what is the best way to store them. Personally, for me, it’s with large storage containers. These contain my boutique’s products as well as shipping materials, signage and any other items I may need for my shop. However, maybe you need good set of drawers or racks or shelves for your products. It all depends on what you sell!

2. Stay On Top Of Your Space With Labels, Hangtags and Stickers

Labels are a saving grace! Especially if you can’t determine what products are where at first glance. I store my products in containers that aren’t see through, so it’s important to keep each container labeled properly.

When it comes to my actual products, I personally like to have my products pre-labeled with the regular price of the product. That way if a last minute sidewalk sale or vendor event pops up, my products are already labeled for a sale.

Search around for the best organization tools that work for you! That may mean labels or stickers, hangtags or signage.

3. Keep Track Of It All With A Spreadsheet

Spreadsheets have been a dream come true for me. You can use either Excel or Google Spreadsheets to create your own. I use Google Spreadsheets because it’s cloud base so I can access it wherever, whenever and don’t have to worry about always keeping the most recent copy in Dropbox.

I use a spreadsheet to not only keep track of my inventory, but to also keep track of my product names, descriptions, prices and more. Spreadsheets are super easy to use to keep track of everything in one place! Basically, once you have the basis of a spreadsheet, you can then customize it to fit your needs, which is what I did with the Ultimate Inventory Tracker.

Keeping your shop or boutique organized is a breeze once you get your system down. Figuring out storage, keeping everything (and I mean everything) labeled and tracking it all with a spreadsheet has been my no-fail system. Make sure to check out the Ultimate Inventory Tracker to easily organize your boutique or shop!


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