1. To bring AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) “Smart” Meter issues to the broadest possible level of public awareness – locally first, and then to a broader audience.
2. Educate Worcesterites on concerns surrounding National Grid’s Smart Grid / Smart Meters Pilot Program [“Smart Energy Solutions”] including: Coercive Participation; Safety of the equipment; Invasion of Personal Privacy; Hacking Vulnerability; Excessive Costs; and Health Impacts on People, Plants and Animals.
3. Educate the public on concerns surrounding Electromagnetic Pollution from all sources in general, but more particularly fromWiFi, cordless & cellphones, transmission towers, power lines, and the relationship of EMF / RF exposure to cancer and many other health issues.
4. To gain public and official recognition of all these issues in order to ultimately bring about their elimination or else their mitigation and/or accommodation by incorporating protective safety measures as wireless technologies continue their explosive growth.